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Metroid Prime Pinball by Nintendo of America




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  • Mild Fantasy Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Nintendo of America
  • Developer: Fuse Games Limited
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Additional handling fees may apply. Samus Aran's entry into the bumper-and-flipper world is a sleek, sci-fi classic gaming adventure that has her careening into gigantic boss monsters and bouncing through a variety of exciting pinball tables. Play tables across two screens at the same time using the touch screen to nudge the pinball table. Battle deadly enemies and experience a number of special modes such as Clone Machine Multiball and the Wall-Jump Challenge while you blast and bomb your high score into a state of pure pinball pandemonium.

* Multi-Mission Mode -- Play through six different pinball table regions, each with its own Metroid theme and game-play style. Collect hidden artifacts, find weapon upgrades, battle bosses, and play dozens of pinball mini-games in your quest to unlock to new regions and battle Metroid Prime.

* Wireless Mission - Metroid Prime Pinball features the world's first simultaneous 8-player game play on the DS. Knock the drop targets to release Metroid enemies on your opponents' tables as they try to beat you to the top score. The game features wireless upload multiplayer-play using a single game card.

* Single Mission - This mode features two single-player modes. In Score Attack you play a traditional pinball game on the board of your choice. Try to collect extra balls, because if you run out, it's game over. In Time Attack you try to defeat a boss in the fastest time possible.