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Imagine: Cheerleader by UbiSoft





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  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Simulation

Product Details:

Welcome to my dojo. You have come to learn the way of the Martial Arts. If your heart and mind are open, I will pass these lessons on to you. Here, you will learn to move like the tiger and strike like the dragon! See if you have what it takes to become a Ninja!

Key Features

  • Be a Cheerleader - Make a difference for your school and friends by leading the team to victory through your inspiring show of support.
  • Get Customized! - Shop for uniforms, accessories, and more using credits earned during play.
  • Enjoy Interactions Unique to Nintendo DS - Use the Nintendo DS stylus to perform your cheers with timed gestures.
  • Build Up Your Team - All moves are cooler when more people are doing them, and more moves can be performed with each new cheerleader!
  • Challenge Mode - Test your cheering skills against a variety of unexpected and sometimes silly cheerleading opponents, from school cliques like the "Black Cats" to more surprising challengers like ninjas and pirates.
  • Replayable Mini-Games - Earn credits to purchase unlockables in a series of fun activities such as bake sales and jump rope.