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Emma at the Farm by Navarre




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  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Navarre
  • Developer: Navarre
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Created specifically for kids aged 6-11, Junior Brain Train takes a fresh and fun approach to learning by teaching kids in bitesize' chunks and then rewarding them with unlockable mini-games. The program encourages children to spend a little time each day completing 5 different activities, with a rewarding game at the end. Using a fun and stimulating environment it's the perfect way to keep them challenged and motivated so they're actually learning without realising it. A great way to support your child's classroom studies and build confidence at school!

  • Animals - Take care of all the farm animals; Neddy the Donkey, the rabbits, the piglets, the sheep and the hens!
  • Learning - Discover lots of fun things: the vegetables in the garden, the sounds of the animals and the delicious recipes!
  • Fashion - Dress Emma in any clothes you like from the vast wardrobe available to you!
  • Cooking - Learn many new recipes!
  • Full DS Funtionality - Blow on your scree to make the dandelion clocks fly away, call Neddy the donkey, use the stylus to look for eggs and more!