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Dreamer: Pop Star by Dreamcatcher




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  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Dreamcatcher
  • Developer: Dreamcatcher
  • Category: Music & Party , Music

Product Details:

With its unique visual style and captivating characters, Junior Mystery Quest for Nintendo DS will keep kids searching for more clues at every corner! It is the first hidden object game developed exclusively for children. Featuring hours of fun game play, Junior Mystery Stories takes you along a strange and exciting adventure where it is up you to solve the mystery of the Tibutton family and their missing Uncle Alester. Uncover peculiar and challenging puzzles on your quest and discover just how fascinating the life of a detective can be!


  • Choose your very own band name!
  • Determine your band's unique look - outfits, instruments and more!
  • Sing, play the guitar, drums and keyboard - It's your band, you do what you want!
  • No additional peripherals required.
  • Play solo or jam along with your friends!