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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow by Konami




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Castlevania®: Dawn of Sorrow for DS, the first in Konami's legendary Castlevania series for the new portable system, will continue the storyline that first emerged in the critically acclaimed Castlevania®: Aria of Sorrow. Taking place a year after Aria of Sorrow ended, the game's protagonist - Soma Cruz - finds himself at the center of a mysterious cult's plan to resurrect their evil lord and master, Dracula. In order to save himself and those closest to him, Soma must infiltrate the enemy's home base, a towering replica of Dracula's castle that is teaming with monstrous creatures.

* Interact with Castlevania by defeating evil spirits with the "Magic Seal" system, which utilizes Nintendo DS's touch screen

* Continues the storyline that first emerged in the critically acclaimed Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for Nintendo GameBoy® Advance

* Exchange or trade acquired souls with other players via the DS wireless connection

* Introduces a variety of memorable new characters that help drive an exciting and dramatic storyline

* Includes stunning graphics and special effects, as well as an all-new incredibly moving musical score

* Created by award-winning producer Koji Igarashi and the creative team behind the critically acclaimed Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow