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Bust-A-Move by Majesco




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Developer: Taito
  • Category: Puzzle & Cards

Product Details:

Dino Master drops you into the role of Dave the Digger on his hunt for the biggest and best dinosaur fossils around the globe. Capturing these fossils won't be easy as you move quickly to surround your dig site while trying to avoid giant insects and other nasties. Once you've excavated your finds, bring them back to the Laboratory to rebuild them and then pit dino against dino in Battle Mode.

* Over 250 puzzles to complete plus tons of secret puzzles to unlock.

* Strategically use special bubbles like Bomb, Star, Rainbow and the grief-causing Nuisance bubble.

* Compete in multiplayer tournaments via wireless link with up to five people.

* Perform attacks, defense moves and counter attacks during multiplayer action via the touch screen.

* Stock special bubbles and save them for the right moment to get the maximum points.

* Pull back Bub and Bob's slingshot with the Nintendo DS stylus to control where your bubbles hit.