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DSi Slate Catalyst Slim Cover by CM4



  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: CM4
  • Developer: Crave Entertainment
  • Category: Accessories , Faceplates & Skins

Product Details:

A sleek fabric-wrapped aluminum cover that compliments your on-the-go lifestyle with improved comfort, grip, and style.

Design: Contemporary Style

The Catalyst Slim Cover for Nintendo DSi is offered in contemporary colors and materials to create an understated elegance. Soft-touch fabric and subtle curves make your console more comfortable to use than ever. While the simple aesthetics compliment your DSi without extra bulk or flashiness.

Function: Play-Thru Case

The Catalyst slim cover is not only sleek but also provides ultimate protection. Soft-touch fabric is wrapped over a sturdy metal frame to protect your console from daily wear, while the screen protector keeps your screen guarded from scuffs. Thanks to the cover's play-thru design, all features of the DSi are fully accessible even with the case installed.

Innovation: Remarkably Thin

Each cover starts with a machine-stamped aluminum frame designed specifically for the Nintendo DSi. The frame is then tightly hand-wrapped with custom soft-touch fabric. Finally, a felt inner liner is added to provide protection inside and out. The result is a remarkably thin, comfortable case that ensures your console protected and streamlined.

Quality: Premium Craftsmanship

Catalyst covers are made with durable synthetic leather and a high grade stamped aluminum frame. During assembly, each product is individually inspected to ensure superior quality and premium craftsmanship.

  • Metallic frame tightly wrapped in soft touch fabric
  • Sleek contours create premium touch in hands
  • Improved comfort and grip, optimized for button access
  • Fabric wrapped metal cover provides ultimate protection and is designed specifically for use with the Nintendo DSi
  • Made with durable synthetic leather and custom tailoring for a snug fit