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Marvel Universe Spiderman Play Arts Kai Figure by Square Enix



  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Category: Collectibles , Figures

Product Details:

SUPER HEROES RE-IMAGINED BY PLAY ARTS KAI CRAFTSMANSHIP. Spider-Man is an iconic MARVEL character who has appeared in various media, including comics, animation, and film. In our MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT, his joints were designed with one of the widest ranges of motion of any Play Arts KAI to date, so he can do whatever a spider can! Spidey retains his iconic slender, lithe physique and wide range of flexibility. His classic red and blue suit now has touches of black for added depth, and the iconic spider webbing is accentuated with a metallic sheen. Spider-Man can be posed slinging either translucent webbing from his wrists, or a net-shaped spider web to trap his foes. This figure comes with various interchangeable hand pieces to recreate all kinds of Spidey-like action poses, including his signature upside-down dangling pose. He's just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Play Arts KAI!

Figure includes display stand.

Figure Size: Approx. W4" x D2" x H10"

Why GameStop is Excited for Marvel Universe Spiderman Play Arts Kai Figure

  • Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman has been reimagined for the Play Arts Kai Variant range of action figures, with a new look that swaps the spandex for slim ultra-modern body armor.
  • All the webs a web-slinger could want, and then some! Multiple sets of interchangeable hands and web effect accessories allow Spidey to shoot, swing and net however he needs.
  • Fully articulated with specially designed joints, Spiderman has one of the widest ranges of motion of any Play Arts KAI figure released yet - meaning he'll have the flexibility to strike any classic Spidey pose, even hanging upside-down (kiss not included).