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Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Invention Kits Trebuchet by ThinkGeek



Online Only
  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: ThinkGeek
  • Developer: ThinkGeek
  • Category: Collectibles , Novelty & Gifts

Product Details:

In the days before gunpowder (at least in the west), folks had to find new and intriguing ways to throw death and destruction at each other. They started by throwing rocks, then progressed to hurling giant stones, and then to flinging boulders. The evolution of the machines used to accomplish this hurling is as intriguing as the things hurled. Many times trash and debris were lobbed over castle walls to rain down upon unsuspecting masses or invading armies.

This Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Trebuchet Invention Kit let you bring back all the fun of flinging. It assembles in just a few hours, and provides a fantastic scale model of an actual war weapon of yore. The trebuchet is great for long range targets (like the water cooler or networked printer). The Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Trebuchet Invention Kit is perfect for showing your love of retro weaponry.

Product Specifications 
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Trebuchet Invention Kit
  • Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's design
  • Easy to make in an hour or two - all pieces pre-cut and ready to go
  • You'll need a ruler, scissors, some small clamps, and pennies (or rocks) as a counterweight
  • Range: 20 feet
  • Materials: Natural untreated wood and plywood + clay balls
  • Dimensio(more...)

    Important Information:

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