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Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket and Groot Statue by 3D Systems Inc



  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: 3D Systems Inc
  • Developer: 3D Systems Inc
  • Category: Collectibles , Busts & Statues

Product Details:

The Flora Colossus "Groot" and his best friend, the genetic and cybernetically enhanced "Rocket", are inseparable. After being captured by the Nova Corps, these bounty hunters escaped imprisonment from the Kyln with the help of Drax, Gamora and Peter Quill. Teaming up as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot proved to be an integral part of the team that worked together to stop Ronan.

Groot's size gives Rocket the perfect elevated position to fire at his enemies with any one of his many weapons. Rocket's technical and mechanical abilities are second only to Groot's kindness. But do not mistake Groot's gentle nature, as he is just as ferocious as Rocket when defending his fellow Guardians!

Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the Groot and Rocket maquette from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy! This exciting limited edition maquette, digitally sculpted by our master artisans, is rendered using the highest quality polyresin and hand painted. Each piece comes individually numbered and is paired with a matching certificate of authenticity. Make Mine Marvel!

Dimensions: H 21.25" x W 14" x D 14"

Why GameStop is Excited about Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket and Groot Statue:

  • Rocket and Groot go together like salt and pepper. Chocolate and vanilla. The Guardians of the Galaxy and trouble. Point is, they make quite a pair - Rocket brings his brains and fire power to the fight while his best bud Groot acts as his muscle/stepping stool.
  • This ¼ scale maquette from Gentle Giant is digitally sculpted with incredible attention to detail, from the texture of Groot's bark to Rocket's fur and ferocious expression. Each piece is rendered from high quality polyresin and hand painted.
  • Limited edition! Each statue comes individually numbered, with a matching certificate of authenticity.