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Batman Arkham Knight: Arkham Knight Play Arts Kai Figure by Square Enix




  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Category: Collectibles , Figures

Product Details:

From Square Enix. This 11" figure, based on the enigmatic character from the wildly anticipated new video game, shows off a wide range of different realistic textures, including a symbolic letter "A" emblazoned on the chest, mechanical armor and army fatigues. During sculpting, special attention was paid to keeping a sharp silhouette all around. The Arkham Knight's helmet, which looks very similar to that of the Batman, has a translucent visor and two interchangeable helmet pieces: one to recreate his default appearance, and a second one painted to give a glowing eye effect. Other accessories include a sniper rifle, two handguns, and three interchangeable hands to allow for a variety of action poses, plus a display stand.

Why GameStop is Excited for Batman Arkham Knight: Arkham Knight Play Arts Kai Figure:

  • Straight from the popular video game Batman: Arkham Knight, the enigmatic Arkham Knight himself has been recreated by Play Arts Kai!
  • Detailed sculpting and paintwork capture the textures his silhouette, from his fatigues to his mechanical body armor with the symbolic "A" emblazoned on the front.
  • Accessories include two interchangeable (and suspiciously Batman-esque) helmet pieces - one with the default look, and the other with a glowing eye effect. Additional interchangeable hands allow him to grip his weaponry, including a rifle and two handguns.
  • In a city full of villains, the mysterious Arkham Knight may be the biggest threat of all - and he has the moves to prove it! This action figure can be posed in battle stances to rival even Batman!