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8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug - by ThinkGeek by ThinkGeek



  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: ThinkGeek
  • Developer: ThinkGeek
  • Category: Collectibles , Novelty & Gifts

Product Details:

In the olden days, children, many home video game controllers only had two buttons. One was used to attack and one for jumping or defense. And inventory was very simple, too. You might have two or three things, shown at the top of the screen next to your life meter, and that was all. This mug represents one such status area. We call it the 8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug. The 8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug lets you know you'll press A to attack and B to defend. You also have one key and one potion, just in case. And three hearts. But the hearts are low... until you add some hot beverage! Then the hearts will fill up with life, as will you once you drink your caffeine-rich brew. The 8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug is a great link (get it?) to video games of yore.

Product Specifications

  • 8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug
  • As you add hot liquids, the 8-Bit hearts fill up
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
  • Capacity: 11 oz.
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: approx. 3.15" diameter x 3.75" tall