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A New Order Exclusive Black XL by ThinkGeek

Boxshot: A New Order  Exclusive Black  XL by ThinkGeek

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Online Only
  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: ThinkGeek
  • Developer: ThinkGeek
  • Category: Collectibles


Product Details:

What is it about the bad guys? We're cheering for the side of light and justice and the Rebellion in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but we just can't resist digging the look of new baddie Kylo Ren and those new Stormtroopers. We don't know why, but we still dig the baddies.

An image of Kylo Ren inset into the symbol for the First Order on a black 100% cotton shirt. This design is a ThinkGeek exclusive. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Imported. 

    Important Information:

    This item is only available on GameStop.com and our stores are unable to issue a refund. Please do not return this item to your local GameStop store. To return this product please refer to the instructions included on the packing slip that will be shipped with this item.