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Perfect Dark Zero Soundtrack by Sumthing Distribution



Online Only
  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: Sumthing Distribution
  • Developer: Sumthing Distribution
  • Category: Music & Party, Music

Product Details:

Original Soundtrack

Track # Title
1 Perfect Dark Zero (Title)
2 Mission Select
3 Combat Arena
4 Mission Complete
5 Pause Game
6 Fail
7 Datacore Demolition: Training
8 Datacore Demolition: Camspy
9 Datacore Demolition: Escape
10 Glitter Girl (Evil Side)
11 Limelight (Radio Edit)
12 Subway Retrieval: Stealth
13 Subway Retrieval: Action
14 Subway Retrieval: Descent
15 Rooftops Escape: Main Theme
16 Mansion Infiltration: Stealth
17 Mansion Infiltration: Action
18 Deathmatch With Meihem!
19 Laboratory Rescue: Stealth
20 Laboratory Rescue: Action
22 River Extraction (Lab Escape)
23 River Extraction (Riverchase)
24 Trinity Infiltration (Stealth)
25 Trinity Escape (Main Theme)
26 Temple Surveillance (Main Theme)
27 Arena Showdown (Main Theme)
28 Pearl Necklace