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nabi 2 Care Kit by FUHU

  • Platform: Android
  • Publisher: FUHU
  • Developer: FUHU
  • Category: Accessories , Repair & Cleaning

Product Details:

It's the, "...but I already washed my hands" solution. The nabi Care Kit includes the precision-cut, easy-to-apply, crystal-clear screen protector made especially for nabi 2 and solvent-free microfiber cloth. The nabi screen protector is made of high-grade PET and provides the toughest, most durable protection combined with crystal-clear clarity and optimal touch-screen sensitivity.

  • A Durable Combination The nabi screen protector and cleaning cloth protect your screen from scratches associated with everyday use, especially in the hands of kids. Used together they can extend the life of your nabi touch screen. The screen protector is not the cheap vinyl ones you see for other tablets, instead it is made from a high quality 3-layer structure (PET Material Layer, Composite Silicon Layer, and Electrostatic Layer). Thanks to its polished surface technology, this crystal-clear protector provides high-resolution clarity without affecting touch-screen sensitivity.
  • Ease of Installation The nabi screen protector is made for nabi 2: no cutting and trimming required. The screen protector is bubble-resistant and does not leave sticky residue when removed.
  • Wipe Away Grime Thoroughly clean your nabi 2 screen by removing dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints with our unique microfiber high quality cloth. With the microfiber cloth keep your nabi clean without harsh solvents or detergents.


  • (2) A-Grade Crystal-Clear Screen Protector
  • (1) Microfiber Cloth