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VR Boundary Safety System by Nyko



  • Publisher: Nyko
  • Developer: Nyko
  • Category: Accessories , Mounts & Brackets

Product Details:

  • Complete VR Boundary system alerts you before to bump into your surroundings
  • Layout the ideal VR experience area prior to play and never worry about damaging household items or personal injury
  • Includes 4 positional sensors and two wearable alert wristbands
  • The 4 Bluetooth sensors form a grid that sends alerts when you approach the user defined boundary
  • When nearing the edge of the playable area, the corresponding wristband will vibrate, alerting you before you cross the line
  • The 4 sensors stack together and recharge simultaneously while not in use - perfect for easy storage
  • Each alert wristband is fully adjustable for comfort