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Universal Power Inverter by Intec




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  • Platform: Game Cube , PlayStation 2 , Xbox
  • Publisher: Intec
  • Developer: Intec
  • Category: Accessories

Product Details:

Play your gaming console on the go with this cool accessory from Intec. The Universal Power Inverter allows you to plug your system and your monitor into a car's cigarette lighter. Easy to use and very durable, this is a perfect accessory for any gamer.

* 140 watts of "continuous" power for all your gaming needs & more.

* The first Inverter to provide a 12V "pass through" accessory socket.

* Heavy gauge 12 volt DC plug and cord.

* LED status indicator (green is good, red requires trouble shooting).

* Two vertically oriented 120V AC outlets (bulky AC units are not a problem).

* Heavy duty extruded aluminum housing for superior heat dissipation.

* The only 140 watt inverter with "micro/quiet" cooling fan.

* "Smart Circuitry" detects - low battery voltage - short circuits - reverse polarity.

* 25 amp safety fuse will shut the unit down before any damage can occur.