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Retro Classic Controller by Interworks Unlimited, Inc.

  • Platform: Android , Nintendo Wii , Nintendo Wii U
  • Publisher: Interworks Unlimited, Inc.
  • Developer: Interworks Unlimited, Inc.
  • Category: Accessories , Controllers

Product Details:

Finally! By popular demand. A Hardcore controller for the Wii and Wii U. Universally compatible with both the Wii and Wii U. Use the controller as a Wii Remote!

Fully Compatible with Wii and Wii U games that require a Wii Remote or a Classic Controller to play.
  • The best parts of each controllers built-in and combined together.
  • Wii Remote - Built-in Motion Sensor, Motion Plus, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Speaker system, Bluetooth Wireless Protocol.
  • Retro Controller - Legacy D-Pad, Classic Button Layout, Symmetric Select and Start Buttons.
  • Classic Controller - Dual Analog Joysticks, Dual Vibration, Dual Triggers, Dual Shoulder Buttons, Rechargeable Battery.

Generation X has spoken. The beloved classic game pad is compatible with Wii Virtual Console. Replay all the games of the nostalgia years.

Android OS Compatible - Wirelessly connect to your Android Smartphones and Tablets via Bluetooth. Feel the tactile sensation of buttons on your fingertips, leading to faster reaction times and higher player rankings.

Play all your Wii U and Wii favorites. New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand, Call of Duty Black Ops II, FIFA Soccer 13, Super Smash Bros. and more.