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Fighting Commander 4 Controller by Hori




  • Platform: PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Hori
  • Developer: Hori
  • Category: Accessories , Controllers

Product Details:

The HORI Fighting Commander is back and better than ever! Compatible with both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This is the ultimate gamepad for fighting games and classic arcade games, packed with features such as a rotatable D-pad to suit your grip perfectly and a 6-button layout with an L/R button toggle switch so you can control up to 8 buttons with your right hand. Also includes Turbo functions and adjustable D-pad sensitivity to set how easily the controller registers diagonal input. The asymmetrical form-factor is designed to give the best possible grip for fighting games, making it easier than ever to input combos and special moves. This is a wired controller to avoid input lag as well as to remain tournament legal, and improved internal rubber membranes ensure the accuracy and durability of the controller. Officially Licensed by SCEA. This controller does not have analog input and is not compatible with software requiring analog input.

Fighting Commander 4 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

Designed for Pad Warriors - perfect for VS. Fighters and other classic arcade games

Product Highlights:

Officially Licensed by SCEA

Officially Licensed by SCEA, so rest assured this product will always function perfectly on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console

Six Button Layout

Six-button layout ideal for many fighting games. Perfect for executing combos and special moves


Set TURBO to any button as well as set the D-pad to act as a D-pad or the left/right analog stick. Also features a share button, PS Button, LED indicator and PS4/PS3 toggle switch.

Ergonomic Grip

Ergonomic grip fits perfectly in your hands to maintain control comfortably

Unique Features:

Rotatable D-Pad

Easily rotate D-pad up to 20 degrees to suit your playing style and hand position. D-pad membrane has also been strengthened to increase durability.

Diagonal Sensitivity Settings

Set how sensitive the D-pad is to diagonal input, adjusting to your playing style. For example, make quarter circle moves easier to execute, or lock in D-pad for charge-based characters.

Shoulder Button Toggle

Toggle shoulder button functions so up to eight buttons can be controlled with the right hand.

What's your grip?

The Fighting Commander can be held in the traditional method or with fingers on top claw type to suit your playing style.