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Disney INFINITY Power Disc Pack Series 3 by Disney Interactive




  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS , Nintendo Wii , Nintendo Wii U , PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive
  • Developer: Disney Interactive
  • Category: Accessories , Interactive Gaming Figures

Product Details:

DISNEY INFINITY Power Discs can be used to improve and enhance the DISNEY INFINITY experience in a multitude of ways. Circular Power Discs are used to grant your character special power ups that can be used in Play Sets and in the Toy Box. Hexagonal Power Discs unlock special gadgets, vehicles, and themes to allow for even more personalization in the Toy Box. Different combinations mean different results, the possibilities are endless!

Series 3

Chernabog's Strength Power Disc -- Use this demon's wrath for a chance to increase all damage by 20%.

Rapunzel's Healing Power Disc -- Using this power gives you a chance to heal to full health.

Violet's Force Field Power Disc -- Use this force field to help protect against damage.

Mickey's Sorcerer Hat Power Disc -- Increase your game experience and ability to level up with Mickey's Sorcerer Hat from "Fantasia".

Cruella De Vil's Car Power Disc -- Cruise around inside the Toy Box in Cruella De Vil's luxury car from "101 Dalmatians".

Disney Parks Parking Lot Tram Power Disc -- Make the Toy Box feel like the Disney Parks with this parking lot tram.

Calico Helicopter Power Disc -- Soar through the skies of the Toy Box in Dr. Calico's helicopter from "Bolt".

Phillippe Power Disc -- Ride Phillippe the Horse from "Beauty and the Beast" in the Toy Box.

Tantor Power Disc -- Ride Terk's loyal elephant Tantor in the Toy Box.

Angus Power Disc -- Ride Merida's powerful Clydesdale Angus from the film "Brave" in the Toy Box.

Dragon Firework Cannon Power Disc -- Unlock the firework cannon used against Shan Yu from "Mulan" in the Toy Box.

Toy Story Mania Blaster Power Disc -- Unlock a blaster themed to the Toy Story Mania ride from the Disney Parks.

Wall-E's Collection Power Disc -- Make all of the terrain objects in the Toy Box themed to the "Wall-E" film.

Buy 'N' Large Atmosphere Power Disc -- Take a glimpse into the future and make the sky in the Toy Box themed to the "Wall-E" film.

Tri State Area Terrain Power Disc -- Make all of the terrain objects in the Toy Box themed to "Phineas and Ferb".

Danville Sky Power Disc -- Turn the sky into the backdrop of Phineas and Ferb's Tri-State Area.

Rare Disc 1 of 1 -- One of Wall-E's favorite modes of space travel, and it comes in handy if a fire breaks out.

    Important Information:

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