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Boomphones Phantom Headphones & Boombox - Polished White by Boomphones



Online Only
  • Platform: Android , Electronics , iPad® , iPhone® , iPod® , PC
  • Publisher: Boomphones
  • Developer: Boomphones
  • Category: Accessories , Headsets & Mics

The first-ever headphones that can transform into a boombox with just the push of a button. Boomphones have the power, and the multifunctional appeal, to revolutionize the way that consumers listen to music. Designed with four speakers - two on the inside of the headphones, and two on the outside - Boomphones are a portable sonic solution that MTV Geek! called simply a great idea! when the product was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). LED lights indicate which mode is in action: glowing white when your Boomphones are internally amplified, red when you push the bomb icon to blast the external speakers in Boombox Mode. Boomphones allow you to make and answer phone calls, whether listening privately or, with the push of a button, switching to speakerphone. Two audio cables are included, one with an integrated microphone, volume control and push-to-talk capabilities. This makes them convenient for people who use their phones to listen to music - no need to switch cables, or talk directly into your phone. You can also plug them into your computer, electric guitar (with adapter), keyboard, beat machine, to be used as a portable amp. For all the DJs, included is a 6.3 mm jack that you can connect directly to your equipment. Comfortable to wear, and available in Matte Black and Polished White, Boomphones use a built-in lithium battery that's easily rechargeable through a mini-USB, providing a full 10 hours of internal use and 5 hours of external use.

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